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FREE for schools that joined us in 2020!

Online Yoga & Mindfulness School Closure Pack

A Dual Package of Yoga lessons:

  • For your Children of Critical Workers PLUS

  • For your Families Learning at Home


​Currently free for schools that joined us during 2020 (usually £20).



Let us know if you have any questions on 

We have started using the sessions and they are going down very well with both children and staff.

Samantha Cooney, PE Lead, Oldfield Brow Primary School

School Closure Pack 

In School: for vulnerable children & children of critical workers: 

  • Eight x 40 minute Yoga & Mindfulness video lessons (100% instructor led) for KS1 & KS2 children

  • Planned and delivered by experienced Primary School Teachers & Yoga in School Specialists

  • Yoga poses, fun Yoga games, mindfulness and calming strategies and a relaxation at the end!

  • A safe and excellent way to provide a healthy addition to the timetable 

  • A chance to learn and understand the structure of a Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga Lesson - as an introduction to our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units 


At Home: to complement your home learning programme:

  • Kids Love Yoga Online Programme - access for all the families of your school (usually £9.95 each!)

  • Eight x video sessions plus fun crafts and activities for families at home

  • Yoga is healthy for body and mind and anyone can do it!

Gaining Access to your School Closure Pack


If your school joined our community in 2020, we can provide you with free access to our School Closure Pack!


Click here to create an account and then please wait for us to provide you with access through your account (this will be organised manually and then we will email you when you can access the pack).

Click here to login to the school's area of videos (once you have been given access by us).

Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Package:

Designed to fulfill the new PSHE Statutory Curriculum for FS1-Y6 (released in September 2020), our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units actively encourage children to recognise and, where appropriate, talk about their emotions.


Through fun, energetic and calming lessons, children learn Yoga & Mindfulness as a subject in a progressive way, building their skills and knowledge of it, whilst increasing the overall health of their bodies and minds. 


We teach about compassion, inner strength and confidence and being kind to ourselves, as well how to improve physical strength and flexibility. Children become more focused and are able to manage their emotions more effectively and appropriately. Our package includes:

  • Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units of Work (all primary year groups) ​

    • Six lessons per year group, a mix of video and Teacher led activities​

  • Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom / Yoga at Your Desk

  • Regular Online Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions for Teachers 

  • Kids Love Yoga Online - FREE access for the families of your school (usually £9.95)

  • Our ‘Sleep Easy’ Pack for Parents

School Size - Annual Fee 


<1 and 1 form entry -  £135 p/a

1.5 and 2 form entry - £170 p/a

2.5 and 3+ form entry - £195 p/a

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