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Our gifts to your school -  for joining our community!

Thank you for trying out our Free Taster Sessions through Shaping Healthy Minds Online. We will keep updating this page with free gifts for you, to give you an idea of the types of yoga and mindfulness resources that we can support your school with through our future 'Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units Programme' - which will be available from September 2020.

Mindful Moments is a unique collection of videos and A5 posters for your classrooms.  We are offering you six free videos and accompanying posters (see below for video and pdf download links), each providing short ‘brain breaks’ for the children, such as yoga flows they can do from their desks and fun, calming breathing activities. Mindful Moments will help to re-energise the children in your classroom and can improve attention span, bringing greater focus and calm.  

Mindful Moments - FREE Videos & A5 Downloads for Classroom Walls

The below flows (sequences), poses or breathing activities are suitable for all ages but some of them will be better suited for either KS1 or KS2 - for each video below it will state any recommendations where necessary. Let us know if you have any questions on and we hope that your children can enjoy some yoga and mindfulness as part of their school day :)

Seated Sun Salutation (2.5 minutes)

A flow to be practiced on a school chair, maybe at the desk.

Seated Sun Salutation - Download A5 Poster




Rocket Flow (3.5 minutes)

Recommended for KS1 due to floor space required.

A flow of three poses to bring calming energy into the body  1) Rocket Twist 2) Bridge Blast Off and 3) Rocket Breath.

Rocket Twist - Download A5 Poster

Bridge Blast Off - Download A5 Poster

Rocket Breath - Download A5 Poster



Energy Flow (3 minutes)

Recommended for KS2.

An energising flow of three poses: 1) Helicopter Arms 2) Mountain Roll and 3) Energy Rub.

Helicopter Arms - Download A5 Poster

Mountain Roll - Download A5 Poster

Energy Rub - Download A5 Poster



Five Finger Breath (1.5 minutes)

Bring in some calm and focus.

Five Finger Breath - Download A5 Poster



Balancing Break (2 minutes)

Helps to wake up and focus the mind - improves ability to concentrate.

Balancing Break - Download A5 Poster




Seated Star Breath (2 minutes)

Helps to wake up the body and mind.

Seated Star Breath - Download A5 Poster



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We’d love just a few minutes of your very precious time, to complete a short feedback form on our taster services so far.  To say thank you for completing this form, we are offering a FREE Adult Yoga Session for Teachers*, which can be delivered to your teaching staff in school (or at Teacher’s homes).


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* Due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place prohibiting yoga classes from taking place at present, we will be sending this to all participating schools in September 2020 (or when the rules are changed).

Mindful Moments - Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom - Your FREE Gift!

     Mindful Moments have become a valuable part of our daily timetable - helping the children to calm down and focus.

Teacher at Marlcliffe Primary School, Sheffield

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