Year 1 Lesson 1 (Y1-L1)

Pirates and Mermaids at Sea!

Lesson Objectives

Objective 1
Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness

Objective 2
Noticing how our Bodies Feel

User Guide

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Lesson Overview

Today the children practise the basic principles of Yoga & Mindfulness. Exploring what it means to put their bodies into a ‘yoga pose’ and how this feels for them.

They begin to learn the simple poses that form a ‘Sun Salutation’ (a short flow of yoga poses) through fun games and activities.

The session ends with a short guided relaxation where the children are invited to lie down and relax whilst going on an imaginary journey under the sea, visiting lots of different sea creatures and enjoying the peace and stillness of the ocean.

Estimated Length of Lesson (including videos and audios): 45 minutes.

Equipment /

- Yoga or gym mats

- Bell or similar instrument 

- Teachers with yoga experience may wish to teach without using the videos / audios downloads:

- Pose Cards for this whole unit:

Safety Points

Remind children repeatedly to move out of any poses that don’t feel good. The children should not be pushed to practise any position that they don’t feel ready for, but encouraged to try things gently and carefully, always listening to their bodies.


Lesson Pack: Plan and Delivery Slides

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1) Detailed Lesson Plan pdf. for preparation before the class.

2) Lesson Delivery Slides for the children, including teacher guidance notes. When the link opens it should take you straight into presentation mode - if not, click 'Present' at the top or click the 'Full Screen' icon at the bottom in the black bar. You can manage the presentation using this black bar.

1) Detailed Lesson Plan

Detailed Lesson Plan - Shaping Healthy M
Detailed Lesson Plan - Shaping Healthy M
Detailed Lesson Plan - Shaping Healthy M

2) Lesson Delivery Slides

SHMO Slides Image.jpg

Please note that these links are also in your Detailed Lesson Plan and under 'Equipment / Resources' on this page above:

Download links for this lesson / unit

Pose Cards for this whole unit:

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