Year 1 Lesson 6 (Y1-L6)

User Guide

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Lesson Overview

Equipment /

- Yoga or gym mats

- Bell or similar instrument 

- Teachers with yoga experience may wish to teach without using the videos / audios downloads:

- Pose Cards for this whole unit:

Safety Points


Lesson Pack: Plan and Delivery Slides

Click on the images below for everything you will need to teach the lesson:

1) Detailed Lesson Plan pdf. for preparation before the class.

2) Lesson Delivery Slides for the children, including teacher guidance notes. When the link opens it should take you straight into presentation mode - if not, click 'Present' at the top or click the 'Full Screen' icon at the bottom in the black bar. You can manage the presentation using this black bar.

1) Detailed Lesson Plan

2) Lesson Delivery Slides

Please note that these links are also in your Detailed Lesson Plan and under 'Equipment / Resources' on this page above:

Download links for this lesson / unit

Pose Cards for this whole unit:

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