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Year 3 Unit
- The Greatest Show!

The Greatest Show Year 3.png

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 - Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness
Objective 2 - To Enjoy Practising Yoga
Objective 3 - To Develop Strength and Determination through Yoga
Objective 4 - To Work Co-operatively with Others
Objective 5 - To Enjoy a Strong, Balancing Pose
Objective 6 - To Pay Attention to, and be Aware of, the Breath



Unit Description

We focus on the fun elements of Yoga here, to really engage children with the practise and develop a passion for and a love for Yoga.  The theme of ‘The Greatest Show’ is used to emphasise the fun element, weaving in a circus theme throughout. 


Children will learn a simple Sun Salutation, a flow of Yoga poses, and be introduced to Yoga with a fun game – ‘Dance and Freeze’ practising their bravest dance moves and stopping to become still in a Yoga pose. Children will practise a great feel-good breath – ‘Acrobat Breath’ which brings energy and focus into the body.  


One of our most loved games – ‘Bug Pickin’ Chimps’ is included in this unit. Children have fun pretending to be a chimp, working co-operatively with their friends, and then practising some great heart opening poses, amazing for stress relief!

Each lesson ends with a relaxation where the children are invited to either participate and move the body – tensing and relaxing, or listening to a guided relaxation, using their imaginations to visit different wonderful places.

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