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Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package

We're so pleased that you're here to teach some Yoga! Quick checklist below of things to know before you get started!


Ltd Offer: *20% OFF Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package!

Full prices from £135-195 per annum (school size dependent). For more information, or if you'd like to place an order for your school please email and we can send you an invoice. 


Learning how to use our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units

The pack of (8-9) tiny 'How To' Clips below should answer most of your questions, essential viewing before you deliver a class are: 'Delivering the Yoga Lesson', 'Videos, Audios and Teacher-Led Activities' and 'Lesson Pack Page'. Please share these with anyone who is teaching a Yoga lesson (click the share button and then click on the little link image to copy the link).
































Testing that you can access all the documents and video files

  • Create an account and either request a free trial or place an order via

  • Log in and choose the unit you've requested or purchased.

  • From here, you can access each lesson including the Lesson Plans and Lesson Delivery Slides.

  • Check all of the links work for you before your first lesson.

  • You're ready to go!

If you are having trouble with accessing any of the documents through the links, please contact your IT Support and also email us on 

Please note that you will only be able to access Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 as part of a free trial. 


FREE Full Length Yoga Class Videos (part of Free Trial)

Enjoy two FREE Full Length Instructor-led (100% Video) Lessons to use at your school (you'll need to login). These videos will help you to learn and understand the structure of a Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga Lesson before you move on to using the Units. You can use these as many times as you like with the children - our free gift to you!

For client schools you can find the link to your Community Wide Package’s services, including your full pack of Full Length Instructor-led (100% Video) Lessons on our home page.


As part of your Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package, you can find the services that are live and ready to access on our home page here. Please note that ‘Adult Yoga for Teachers’ and parts of the 'Sleep Easy Pack for Parents' are coming very soon (written 22nd March 2021!).

And that's it - good luck and enjoy yourself teaching some Yoga!

Quick 'How to' Clips

Delivering the Yoga Lesson (1.32 mins)

Shaping Healthy Minds Online
Delivering the Yoga Lesson (1.32 mins)
Search video...
Delivering the Yoga Lesson (1.32 mins)
Play Video

Delivering the Yoga Lesson (1.32 mins)

Videos, Audios and Teacher led Activities
Play Video

Videos, Audios and Teacher led Activities

Lesson Pack Page