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Y6 SATs Yoga & Mindfulness Intervention

Calming sessions for Y6s

- pre or post SATs

Would you like to equip your Y6s with strategies to release tension and self-calm, enabling them to become more resilient and successful learners?

Our yoga and mindfulness sessions are delivered through our 'Shaping Healthy Minds' Programme and have been specifically developed for Year 6 children to help prepare them for the SATS tests. 

How the session can fit into your school

The session(s) run up until, and around, the SATs and can be a one-off (e.g. one weekly session for 4-6 weeks) or part of a long-term programme. Each session runs for 30-60 minutes and can accommodate one class or you can choose to divide your classes into smaller groups.  


An appropriate sized space is needed, ideally a school hall, however this can be flexible. Please note – the SATs tests are not explicitly discussed with the children.

Our sessions can be funded by using your Sports Premium Fund and in some cases your Pupil Premium Fund too. 


Our *pricing is as follows...


For one 45 min - 1 form entry with 1x Y6 Class,  £70-80
For two 45 min - 2 form entry with 2x Y6 Classes, £110-120
For three 45 min - 3 form entry with 3x Y6 Classes, £150-165

Prices include VAT.

*Bookings for less than 4 weeks of sessions are possible but will be quoted outside of the above pricing

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Children and Teachers Love our Sessions!

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How Y6 pupils benefit from taking part:


Short guided meditations are proven to decrease long term stress and free the mind of tension and worry


Children learn how to easily relax and/or energise the mind with various breathing techniques  


Balancing postures promote an intrinsic strength and help to quieten the mind


Strengthening postures encourage a healthier body


Flowing postures develop concentration and can really boost a child’s confidence


Children feel an immediate sense of calm, alertness and even mindedness, meaning their ability to take on new learning is boosted.

What Next?


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