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Kids Love Yoga Online - for Kids at Home: Online Yoga & Mindfulness - Eight Videos with Activities

Fun Stories, Games & Activities for Children & Families!

Kids Love Yoga have been delivering Yoga & Mindfulness to children in schools for over five years. We started with after school and lunchtime clubs and quickly progressed into teaching curriculum based Yoga & Mindfulness for children as part of the school day. We are so excited to announce that our Yoga & Mindfulness Classes are now also being delivered to children and families at home - through Kids Love Yoga Online! 

Try the first class for FREE now!

Families can try out the first session of Kids Love Yoga Online completely for free with no obligation to buy. Parents are encouraged to join in if you wish - it’s a great opportunity to practice yoga together! 

What your children get out of this course:

  • Eight Yoga Class Videos (30-35 minutes)

  • Fun Follow-up Activities for each class  

  • Audio Relaxation Downloads Section (as separate files)

  • A Super Yogi Certificate for completing the classes

  • An invitation to our exclusive Kids Love Yoga Facebook Group to enjoy regular free videos and materials PLUS LIVE Children’s Yoga Classes!

  • Classes can be cast through YouTube onto your TV screen or played on any device.

How your children benefit:

  • Structured Online Yoga & Mindfulness Classes to practice (for the whole family if you wish!) as many times as you want. 

  • Yoga & Mindfulness help build your child’s fitness levels, physical strength, flexibility and muscle tone and can support your child to succeed in other sporting activities too!

  • Opportunities for your child to feel calmer, focused and more self-aware.

  • Help them to relieve stress, alleviate worries and empower them to become more resilient when facing life’s challenges.

  • Our sessions are a fun and engaging way to practise yoga and a great introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness skills which your child can develop and build upon as they grow.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness is non discriminative and can be accessed by everyone. If you would like to discuss your child’s needs before commencing our sessions, please contact us on and we will happily guide you on how to support them.

What to expect from our online sessions:

  • Fully teacher led video sessions lasting approximately 30-35 minutes, where your child can fully participate and have fun practising yoga - either with other family members or with an adult supervising.

  • Classes follow a familiar routine with an introduction and warm up, around 2-3 yoga games, an activity promoting mindfulness, some breath work and a guided relaxation to finish.

  • Lots of fun! Our classes are really engaging, active and playful so all children will enjoy them! They are suitable for children (and adults!) of all ages, but are specifically aimed at children around the ages of 4-9 years old.

  • Classes are specially developed for your child to practice at home. They can be an introduction to yoga and mindfulness or can complement their already existing yoga practise.

We truly hope that you and your family enjoy practising yoga with us :)  If you have any questions about our new Kids Love Yoga Online Course, please don’t hesitate to contact us on
Thank you and we look forward to you practising yoga with us soon!

Buy our Kids Love Yoga Online Course Now

     I love having fun with the kids at home and bringing yoga into our daily lives. They absolutely love it, and so do we!

Rachel, Nick, Alex (8) and Max (5)

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