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Funding Curriculum Yoga & Mindfulness

How your School can Fund Yoga & Mindfulness

Help to provide your school with access to the benefits of yoga

We understand that school budgets can be tight and so we always do our best to be as flexible as possible in working with you to help bring the benefits of yoga into your curriculum.

Introducing yoga and mindfulness sessions in school is a very effective use of the Sports Premium funding, other Sheffield schools have chosen to spend their money this way with us, such as Ecclesall Primary School.  

Some schools choose to deliver yoga and mindfulness in their PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time, using this budget. Children with additional needs benefit so much from our sessions that some schools use their Pupil Premium money to fund it as well.  We can tailor specific sessions around the needs of your pupils and discuss a budget that suits you.

If you are interested in bringing yoga into your school’s curriculum please contact us on


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