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Fun Stories & Games for Children in schools as part of our FREE Taster Programme 

Kids Love Yoga have been delivering Yoga & Mindfulness to children in schools for over five years. We started with after school and lunchtime clubs and quickly progressed into teaching curriculum based Yoga & Mindfulness for children as part of the school day. We are so excited to be introducing Shaping Healthy Minds Online; and our online taster sessions are ready for schools to use now!

Our offerings for all primary schools:


Free Online Taster Programme

Schools can access our yoga and mindfulness classes completely FREE of charge now (and in September 20), to use with children currently attending school and also when the new term starts up again in September.  
Our Yoga & Mindfulness taster sessions are unlike anything you can access elsewhere because they have been developed specifically to use in a school setting, addressing the needs of children and schools during these challenging times. They are designed to be delivered to groups of up to 30 children, either KS1 or KS2 or mixed ages, in a school setting, supervised by one member of your school team.

Access your FREE taster videos here, for your school to use now 

What to expect from our online taster sessions:

  • Fully teacher led video sessions lasting approximately 45 minutes, where the children in your school can fully participate and have fun practising yoga.

  • Our fully qualified Primary School Teachers and Children’s Yoga Teachers lead the sessions. Our team has up to 15 years experience of teaching in a school setting, so your children will be in good hands!

  • Lots of fun! Our classes are really engaging, active and playful so all children enjoy them! 

  • Our sessions follow a familiar routine each time with an introduction and warm up, around 2-3 yoga games, an activity promoting mindfulness, breathing exercises and a guided relaxation to finish.

  • We offer a time in the school day where children can practise being calm, relieve stress and worries and focus on themselves :)​​

How the children in your school will benefit from our sessions:

  • Structured Online Yoga & Mindfulness Classes to practice.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness helps build children’s fitness levels, physical strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

  • The children will learn strategies to enable them to feel calmer, focused and more self-aware.

  • Help them to relieve stress, alleviate worries and empower them to become more resilient when facing life’s challenges.

  • Our sessions are a fun and engaging way to practise yoga and a great introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness skills which the children in your school can develop and build upon as they grow up.

  • Yoga & Mindfulness is non discriminative and can be accessed by everyone.

How your school will benefit from our taster sessions:

You will be accessing our wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of children’s yoga and mindfulness and passing on the many benefits of our practise to the children in your school. Our sessions are designed to be easy to pick up and deliver with little to no extra resources and no experience of yoga required. Only one adult to supervise up to 30 children; a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant. We lead the taster sessions so your staff are simply required to supervise the children and support them where needed, with clear guidance from us.

Our Children's Yoga Instructors are all Enhanced DBS checked and are covered by the appropriate insurance to be able to deliver the sessions via video. For more information on this and to view our insurance or DBS certificates, please contact us at

Access your FREE taster videos here, for your school to use now 


Future Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units of Work

If you’d like to know more about the release of our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units of Work in September 2020, please contact us on and click here for further information. We hope to work closely with schools to develop a programme of lessons that meets the needs of all schools and we would welcome your support with this!

We look forward to you practising yoga with us soon!

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didn't like yoga last time I did it but this was really fun and I feel relaxed now!

Y3 pupil, Marlcliffe Primary School

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