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Purchase our School Closure Online Yoga Pack (one off fee of £20) and enjoy *£20 AND 20% OFF a future order of our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package!

School Size - Annual Fee (usual prices)


<1 and 1 form entry - £135 p/a

1.5 and 2 form entry - £170 p/a

2.5 and 3+ form entry - £195 p/a

Fund using your PE & Sport Premium Budget!

Free Trial - Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units

- part of our Shaping Healthy Minds Online Community Wide Package 

Improve the Well-Being of Your School’s Children, Teachers and Families

Support social and emotional development for your whole school community - through our Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga & Mindfulness Package:

  • Our Yoga & Mindfulness Units enable you to provide regular opportunities for children to practise and learn strategies to help them feel calmer, focused and more self-aware - as a full yoga class delivered in a hall, or classroom based yoga / yoga at the desk (Mindful Moments). 

  • Enable FREE access to our Online 'Kids at Home' Yoga Course for the families of your school.

  • Give your Teachers a Regular Online Yoga Class (practise together at school or at home alone).

The units are great - the kids love them! Really easy to follow and really interactive, always looking forward to next week's!

Kate Smith, PE Co-ordinator, Bardfield Academy

Build Teacher Confidence in Delivering Yoga Lessons

As UK leading Yoga in School Specialists (Primary School Teachers and Fully Qualified Yoga Teachers) our only focus is Yoga (nothing else!). Our Yoga Units have been designed to help Teachers feel confident when delivering Yoga lessons. This means that:

  • Yoga lessons are now simple to teach! Our super user-friendly Delivery Slides guide the lessons and include the lesson's video and audio links.

  • No experience of yoga is required and little to no extra resources .

  • Our sessions are fun, engaging and a great introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness skills, which children develop and build upon through progressive Units - customised to the year group’s needs (from such a vast subject area).

  • Our team is available* on the phone or via email to support Teachers and children

  • Assessment lies in the level of engagement the child is having with the practice. As Yoga is such a unique subject and unlike all other subjects taught in schools, children are recognised for their effort. Praise and encouragement are key!

* Any support required for additional needs please don't hesitate to call our team of Primary Teachers with experience in this field.

We have started using the taster sessions and they are going down very well with both children and staff.


Samantha Cooney, PE Lead, Oldfield Brow Primary School

Cost-effective Package

Our mission is to get as many children into Yoga as we can, so our package is priced at an affordable rate for all schools:

  • To use in addition to a PE platform.

  • To complement other subjects. 

  • To support as many children, teachers and families in your school’s community as possible - sharing the incredible benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness as far as we can.


Limited Offer: *20% AND £20 OFF!

Purchase our School Closure Online Yoga Pack (one off purchase of £20) and enjoy *£20 AND 20% OFF a future order of our Package! More info.


Our aim is to offer Shaping Healthy Minds Online to all schools at the lowest price possible, in line with our mission to get everyone practising Yoga & Mindfulness! The cost of this package is based on the feedback we received from partner schools.

School Size - Annual Fee 


<1 and 1 form entry - £135 p/a

1.5 and 2 form entry - £170 p/a

2.5 and 3+ form entry - £195 p/a

Fund using your PE & Sport Premium Budget!

To place an order email info@kidsloveyoga.org.uk

*T&Cs apply.

Introduce Yoga & Mindfulness into your School
- with our Support

As Yoga in School Specialists we are here to educate, support and enable your school to deliver the incredible benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness successfully. When you join our community we can support you every step of the way of your Yoga journey.

Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Package:

  • Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units of Work (all primary year groups) ​

  • Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom / Yoga at Your Desk

  • Regular Online Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions for Teachers 

  • Kids Love Yoga Online - FREE access for the families of your school (usually £9.95)

  • Our ‘Sleep Easy’ Pack for Parents

Free Trial Request

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  • 2 FREE lessons from a year group of your choice

  • Two (KS1 / KS2) Instructor led example lessons (100% video to introduce the structure of our lessons)

  • No commitment to buy

We look forward to you joining us!


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