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Enable a broad & balanced curriculum - teach PE, PSHE and more... through Online Yoga!

"Our mission is for every child in UK primary education to have access to the benefits of yoga"

Shaping Healthy Minds Online and Kids Love Yoga help primary aged children to be flexible, connected and relaxed through fun yoga based activities delivered as part of the school timetable as well as through breakfast, lunchtime and after school clubs.

We believe that the benefits of yoga are endless and we'd love for your school's children  to discover them with us!


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Find out why schools up & down the UK are introducing Yoga into KS1 & KS2 curriculum.



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About Shaping Healthy Minds Online & Kids Love Yoga

Our mission to get as many kids as possible into yoga!

As a fun and constantly evolving family business, we were lovingly born in 2016. Our aim is to bring the fruitful benefits of Yoga to as many children as possible. As Yoga in School Specialists we deliver fun, engaging and creative Yoga classes and clubs for children in primary schools across the UK - either in person through Kids Love Yoga, or online through Shaping Healthy Minds Online. 

Kids Love Yoga clubs are run by our team of qualified Children's Yoga Instructors who each have an ignited spirit to spread the love and joy of Yoga with kids.


Our team consists of Primary School Teachers, Yoga Teachers and people already working with children in a variety of settings. We all have a passion for delivering captivating, life changing Yoga sessions for children, as well as decades of experience as Yoga practitioners.

Our mission

As a small, low profit organisation, our goal will always remain the same – to get as many kids as possible into Yoga! Yes, the more children we can get into yoga then the greater job we are doing! 

We aim to encourage this same level of passion within everyone who works for us and with us, so that there is a good understanding about our ethics and values and what our Directors Jo and Summer first and foremost set out to do. Yoga is so important in today’s society and has the ability to greatly impact our children – helping them to lead happier lives and hopefully develop a lifelong love of this incredible tradition. 

Lessons plans are delivered as part of the school timetable or as breakfast, lunchtime or after school clubs. With sessions designed to help children feel more flexible, as well as better connected to each other and the world around them, we give children space… we give them a chance to relax…  although we sure do get their hearts beating too! We feel that helping children create this space for themselves, whilst feeling calmer and more peaceful is integral in terms of the benefits that children’s Yoga can bring. 

As our children grow up into this ever increasingly busy society, with so much going on – in their days and in their heads, it’s great that we can give them a break, in a fun, physical and healthy way. If kids have fun coming to Yoga, then hopefully they will want to keep coming back, forever more, onto the Yoga mat! 😊 

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