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Breathing Activity Video - World Mental Health Day

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

With close to 1 billion lives worldwide suffering with mental health disorders and despite a rapid number of disorders growing amidst our children, mental health is still the most neglected area of public health. So what small steps can we make in schools to support this cause?

Self-care routines - 'breathe'

Conscious breathing effectively supports healthy minds and can be accessed by all... Children must learn the importance of space to breathe for self-care and mental health. Breathing can be done anywhere, anytime, kids enjoy it, teachers enjoy it, why not?! We hope the children enjoy our Five Finger Breath video below, let us know!

Five Finger Breath (1.39 mins)

How do I allow breathing space (for 1-2 mins) for our children (and teachers!) as part of the school day?

Little and often is better when it comes to Yoga practise, so it's all about those times that happen everyday, and choosing to take the opportunity to allow ourselves and our pupils, some head space to breathe:

  • Lining up? Breathe!

  • Starting a lesson requiring focus? Breathe!

  • Half way through a lesson that needs a boost in energy, or a more relaxed state of mind to think straight? Breathe!

  • Just before taking the register? Breathe!

  • Anytime at all where there's a minute spare? Breathe!

Blog ticked off my to do list after a week that I cannot say hasn't been hectic, and breathe...!


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