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Y6 SATS Yoga & Mindfulness Intervention

Equipping Year 6s with strategies to self-calm and release stress...

Our team of instructors have been in and out of schools this month starting the delivery of our Y6 SATs Yoga & Mindfulness Intervention and we're so delighted with the feedback we've received from schools so far! Well done team!!!

“Children appear calmer and more relaxed after the lessons and they really enjoy the activities!"

Alex Green, Deputy Head & Literacy Specialist, Chesterton Primary School Battersea.

As our sessions can be funded with the Sports Premium Fund and in some cases the Pupil Premium Fund, many schools have joined us this year to enable their Y6s to become more resilient and successful learners :) Through tried and tested yoga techniques our Yoga & Mindfulness interventions are specifically designed for Year 6 children to help prepare them mentally for the SATs.

Our standard rates are £70 / £110 / £150 for 1 / 2 / 3 sessions per week (usually blocks of 4-7 weeks), so if you know a school where the Year 6s might benefit from some weekly Yoga sessions, please share away as we still have availability!!!

This intervention has been designed by our team of Primary School Teachers and experienced Yoga Instructors and we are super proud of it! Our sessions teach areas such as self-care, compassion for yourself and others, alongside yoga postures and routines that children can practise at home. We also ensure that the calming strategies we teach can be used anywhere (in the classroom or at home for instance).

Such valuable lessons for our children, and at a time when they might just need that extra spark or feeling of stress relief to see them through :)

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