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Ding! Yoga Video: How to Teach 'Neat & Tidy Pose'

At the beginning and end of an activity, find an instrument that you can ding or play. The children then sit in Neat & Tidy Pose waiting for the next game or activity. Neat & Tidy (or Easy Pose) is crossed legged (Sukhasana). Palms are ideally facing upwards to create a feeling of readiness to receive information.

We don't usually ask for eyes closed, but we like children to touch the tips of their fore fingers and thumbs. This is the practise of the Gyana Mudra, which increases concentration, creativity, and is a gesture of knowledge.

Training Video - Unit 4 (Y4) Practising Neat & Tidy Pose

"Ding Ding Ding - Everyone to Neat & Tidy Pose!"

Teaching Tips (Year 4 version)

"Straight backs but breathing naturally and easily, alert yet relaxed"
"Pretend there's a piece of string on the top of your head and pull it up"
"Jelly like shoulders, loose and relaxed (give them a wobble!"
"Chest lifted but ribs relaxed"
"Feeling peaceful and calm, with a gentle smile on your face"

Good luck!

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