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7 Units / Year Groups FS1-Y6
6 Classes Per Unit (Year Group)

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Shaping Healthy Minds Online Units

  • A mixture of video-led and teacher-led lesson plans

  • Designed to guide children safely through a yoga class

  • Built to increase Teachers' confidence to deliver more of the lessons by themselves  (recommended for Teachers with experience of yoga only). 

  • Lessons are fun, lively and great exercise for children so can be used for PE lessons or anytime in school to supplement the curriculum.

Watch the short clips (1.32 and 1.03 minutes) below to learn more (and scroll down for full all Clips and Video User Guides.


No Experience of Yoga? No Worries!

Our lessons are really easy to deliver and require no experience of yoga or additional resources (except gym mats). Essentially all the poses are taught by us via the video links on the Delivery Slides! All you need is your Lesson Pack which includes two documents:

1) A Detailed Lesson Plan


Our detailed lesson plans consist of progressive objectives throughout as well as clear instructions and guidance to support the children during the lessons. Within your lesson plan there are links to any other resources you may need such as downloadable yoga pose cards.

2) Lesson Delivery Slides

Your Lesson Delivery Slides are your one stop shop to delivering the yoga lesson - all you need is a projector / screen and access to the internet. The slides walk the children and you through the lesson, just like a presentation - providing links to videos for many of the activities (there are 3-4 videos per lesson on average). 

Our yoga videos are delivered by our qualified Primary School Teachers and Children’s Yoga Instructors with many years' experience of teaching Yoga & Mindfulness in schools. Our instructors are Enhanced DBS checked and hold the relevant insurance to deliver yoga via video.

Equipment /Resources

Yoga lessons are ideally taught on yoga mats or gym mats. No other equipment is needed unless you'd like to teach some of the activities by yourself, in which case, some of the items below would be useful:

  • Yoga mats or gym mats 

  • Chime bar (or similar instrument)

  • Relaxing music playlist

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How to Get the Best out of our Yoga Units - Checklist!

  • Watch our 1 minute 'How to' Clips and User Guide Videos 

  • Take a run through on our Free Trial offering

  • You will need to login here with a paying school account to access the Units

  • Understand how the Lesson Pack works - watch full video here

  • Prepare in advance (especially the teacher-led activities)

  • Review the unit and lesson objectives on the lesson plan

  • Review our FAQs

  • If you have any further queries or you can book in a free 10 minute call with us

  • Learn more about how we support our partner school's children, staff and families with online yoga through our Whole School Community Wide Package

If you need any help delivering a Shaping Healthy Minds Online Lesson you can contact us at or call Summer (07540 489 779) or Jo directly  (07540 240 4040). 

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