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Information for Schools

Information for Schools

Did you know that the PE and Sport Premium government funding can be used to bring yoga into your school?

This funding is encouraging children to participate in new sports and gain a broader knowledge of different types of physical exercise. You may be well aware of how you can spend this money, but if you can’t remember the finer details of this funding click here:

Why schools across the UK are introducing YOGA into their school day


There are hundreds of reasons to introduce yoga into your school, ranging from pupil well-being, school performance, through to the very fact that yoga is increasingly seen as a must-have for parents looking for the right signals when choosing a school for their child. In fact you have to look pretty hard to find a reason NOT to introduce yoga to your school.


See our quick list below and you decide.

Edward Timpson Why Yoga Should Be Introd

The benefits of YOGA for your school:


Yoga is fun, physical and great for all-abilities.


Yoga builds confidence & self-worth, and develops communication skills.


Yoga can help to release tension & anxiety.


Yoga is very effective for children with special educational needs.


Yoga sessions can act as a reward for good behaviour, either weekly or half-termly.


Yoga teaches the importance of co-operation & peer support.


Yoga provides the opportunity to discuss & promote the social & emotional aspects of learning


Yoga gives students focus and teaches them to self-calm.


Yoga can complement the school day by teaching and reinforcing literacy through storytelling.


Yoga classes can be tailored to children with challenging needs & behaviour.


Yoga classes can fit flexibly with your timetable or seamlessly link in with a special event in school, such as health week.

The 5Cs of YOGA


Each Kids Love Yoga session is supported by a visual timetable with an objective relating to one of the 5Cs, which are linked to the individual needs of the children.






The Government loves YOGA


The government is urging schools to consider new and innovative ways to promote good health.


The 2017/2018 Child Obesity Action Plan is recommending that all children participate in 30 minutes of exercise a day whilst at school. In the future, Ofsted will be assessing how well schools effectively deliver this as part of the healthy schools rating shceme.

Look out for extra funding to help your school deliver this.

Choose your YOGA club

Introduce YOGA as a breakfast / lunchtime / after-school club, or as part of your school curriculum - click here to download our Clubs Handout.

Breakfast, lunchtime & after school clubs

These sessions are geared towards children having fun with yoga and either preparing them for a long day at school or winding down and refocusing at the end of the day. Here's what they can expect in a typical Kids Love Yoga Session:

•    One to two interactive games involving a variety of exciting kid's yoga poses
•    A short guided relaxation with a nice warm and cosy blanket :)
•    A sun salutation / yoga routine that children can take home to practice
•    A thrilling yoga adventure or inspiring story to act out
•    Listening to, and playing interesting musical instruments
•    Enjoying calm and soothing sounds relating to a game or an activity.


During your school day


Our yoga sessions are super flexible and can fit into your normal school day in a number of ways - either as special school sessions or an integral part of everyday life.

Whole class teaching on a regular, or semi-regular basis - weekly / half-termly or whenever suits you. Yoga is inclusive and enjoyed by children of all needs, abilities and backgrounds - perfect for PE, PPA and assembly.

Tailored sessions for children with challenging needs and behaviours - focussed on their needs (see our 5Cs)

Reward time - a fun activity that schools can use as a reward in their 'golden time' slot.

Link yoga with special events or school themes - from World Book Day to Anti-Bullying Week.

Relieve SATS test stress with strategies to release tension and self-calm, enabling them to become more resilient and successful learners.

Lunchtime club. Fund this yourselves as a special lunchtime activity or ask parents to contribute as an extra-curricular activity.

What Next?


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