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Yoga & Mindfulness within the School Curriculum

Yoga and Mindfulness as part of your School’s Curriculum Offering

School-based yoga has the ability to improve academic achievement and classroom behaviour, and can result in numerous positive outcomes including improved mood and enhanced cognitive performance. See below for an outline on the benefits of Yoga for children.

Our Shaping Health Minds Programme has been designed by our experienced Primary School Teachers /  Yoga Teachers and developed with specific objectives to complement the aims of your school's curriculum.


The programme follows a clear path of progression which introduces children to the practice of Yoga & Mindfulness and develops their skills in this field. To learn about our aims and objectives within the Healthy Minds programme click here:

If you are interested in bringing Yoga into your school’s curriculum please contact us on 

Find out more about our Curriculum Based Yoga & Mindfulness Offerings:

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Edward Timpson Why Yoga Should Be Introd

Benefits of Yoga for Children - Overview

Yoga & mindfulness is a science (not a religion)

  • Yoga reduces stress and anxiety - boosting chemicals in the brain like serotonin and dopamine

  • The practice stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system - responsible for calming, restoring and healing

  • Noticing what is happening to the body and mind - increases awareness on and off the mat

Physical health

  • Increases flexibility, strength and co-ordination

  • Improves blood flow, balances energy levels and helps build immunity

  • A ‘work-in’ within a workout

Mental health

  • Helps concentration and ability to focus

  • Teaches ways to self calm and come into a relaxed state of being

  • Improves brain function

Yoga is inclusive

  • A non-threatening, gentle way to increase fitness and enhance health, well-beinggand emotional resilience

  • Improves self esteem and empowers children 

  • Anyone can breathe, anywhere, anytime

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