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Kids Love Yoga - Information for Parents & Carers

Working for your children's health, focus & happiness

Kids Love Yoga sessions aim to make children feel good about themselves and how they interact with others. Read below on why it's a great idea for your child to get involved in yoga and why they should do it with us!

Kids Love It!

Sessions are delivered with fun in mind so children can easily absorb the invaluable benefits that yoga brings for a healthy body and mind.


Anyone Can Do It!

Yoga isn't competitive and 'everyone' is good at it, meaning it builds the all important self worth and confidence for children.


Social & Emotional:

Yoga provides the opportunity to promote and discuss the social and emotional aspects of learning and playing with others.




Supporting Good Health, Happiness and Well-being for Children


Kids Love Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family business lovingly born in 2016. Our aim is to bring the fruitful benefits of yoga to as many children as possible.


We deliver fun, engaging and creative yoga clubs for children in primary schools across Sheffield.

Kids Love Yoga clubs are run by our team of qualified Children's Yoga Instructors who each have an ignited spirit to spread the love and joy of yoga with kids.


Our team consists of Primary School Teachers, Yoga Teachers and people already working with children in a variety of settings. We all have a passion for delivering captivating, life changing yoga sessions for children, as well as years of experience as yoga practitioners.


Click here to find out more about the Kids Love Yoga Team! ​

     Since starting yoga at school, Mary has enjoyed her school day so much more. She's full of energy, confidence & able to focus

Parent of KS2 child

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