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'Shaping Healthy Minds'

- Yoga & Mindfulness within the Curriculum 

How our Shaping Healthy Minds Programme meets the aims of your curriculum

Our yoga and mindfulness sessions complement the great work that is already taking place in your school, whilst meeting the needs of your curriculum. 

Through Shaping Healthy Minds sessions children are encouraged to develop their language skills by actively participating in discussions on topics such as resilience and what this means to them, and the world around them and their feelings - developing a richer and broader vocabulary.  

They are also encouraged to consider and respect the viewpoints of others as they participate in small group work, role plays and performances. Yoga and mindfulness, at its very core, teaches children values such as respect and fairness.

Delivered through one of our experienced team of Primary School Teachers and Yoga Teachers, our sessions allow children to develop skills such as balance, co-ordination and agility to improve their flexibility and strength. The sessions provide plenty of opportunities for children to be physically active and they also include team games - to develop co-operation and the chance for children to develop strategies for working well together.  

How your School can Fund Yoga & Mindfulness - click here

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How your School can Fund Yoga & Mindfulness
Children and Teachers Love our Sessions!
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Teachers love our sessions - hear the comments...!

"Jo creates a safe and relaxing environment for our yoga sessions. The children have responded really well to her teaching and even those who initially struggled with managing their own bodies and own selves have made great strides forward. As a teacher, I have thoroughly enjoyed joining in. It has become my zen moment of the week!"

Ms Raynor Y5 Teacher, Ecclesall Primary School.

Children love our sessions!

"I liked the relaxation with the blankets."

"The yoga games are awesome and I enjoyed learning the positions."

"Yoga is excellent - I give it 20 / 10!"

"The games are really fun."

"I love yoga...  it is so relaxing."

Children love our sessions… 

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