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Shaping Healthy Minds Programme
- aims and objectives

Our Curriculum Based Yoga & Mindfulness Programme - Shaping Health Minds

Our Curriculum Programme has been designed to:


  • Provide a non-threatening, gentle method to increase physical fitness and enhance health, well-being and emotional resilience

  • Address stress and anxiety

  • Place emphasis on individual abilities rather than competition.

Each of our curriculum sessions are planned by our experienced Primary School Teacher / Children’s Yoga Teacher and are developed with specific objectives in mind. They have a clear progression route which introduces the children to yoga and mindfulness and develops their skills in this field. To learn how other schools are funding our Shaping Healthy Minds Programme click here.

We explore objectives such as:

  • Strength - what this means to the children and how they can develop emotional and physical strength in their everyday lives

  • Balance – how to bring balance into their lives; eating a balanced diet, accepting the balance of the good and the bad. How to balance physically, using specific techniques learned through yoga

  • Calm – what makes us feel calm and specific ways of calming the body and mind

  • Respect – how to work cooperatively with each other through team games and partner poses.

If you are interested in bringing yoga into your school’s curriculum please contact us on

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