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Thank you for trying out Kids Love Yoga Online on our Free Trial. When you subscribe fully for £6.50 / month you will receive access to activity video clips as well as guided relaxation audio files for you to download and use whenever you wish.

Here's a little taster for now - a bedtime relaxation and our most basic sun salutation:

Bedtime Rainbow Relaxation - Kids Love Yoga Online (9 minutes)



Sun Salutation - Kids Love Yoga Online (2.5 minutes)

Repeat the Sun Salutation video below 4 times over and this is a 10 minute work-out that will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead!

Bedtime Rainbow RelaxationKids Love Yoga Online
00:00 / 08:55

     Kids Love Yoga Online has become a valuable part of our weekly schedule, we all look forward to it now!

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