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Year 6

Year 6 Unit
- Our Place in the Natural World

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 - To Introduce Yoga as an Approach to Life
Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Objective 2 - To Learn a Flow of Beginner Yoga Poses

Objective 3 - To Notice the Breath in the Body
Supporting Movement and Mindfulness

Objective 4 - To Use the Breath During Yoga

Objective 5 - To Enter a Relaxed, yet Alert, State of Mind

Objective 6 - To be Aware that Humanity has a
Responsibility to Care for the Earth and its Natural Resources


Unit Description

A deeper more holistic approach to learning Yoga & Mindfulness and how this isn’t just a physical practise but how it forms an integral part of our lives. We explore how Yoga can support a healthy lifestyle and complements all areas of life, bringing health, happiness and well-being.


Resilience and strength are encouraged as children climb a metaphorical mountain thinking about the real-life skills needed for this achievement. The natural world is linked to each activity throughout as we explore our breath and the way it reaches all areas of our body and just like the flow of a river.

We practise lively and fun activities where children explore their ability to work well as a team, apply strength, focus, self-control and resilience through practising Yoga. We deepen their understanding of the breath and the effect of changing this on the body to enhance relaxation, calm and focus. Self-care is visited throughout with activities such as a self-massage and Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping).


Children, whilst being active, are exposed to poems that encourage them to open their minds to the world around them. Each session ends with a relaxation, linked to the natural world, and provides a great opportunity for children to reflect on their learning from the session, whilst enjoy the benefits of relaxing in this way.

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