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Year 5 Unit
- Celebrating and Embracing You!

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 – To Introduce Yoga as an Approach to Life,
Supporting a Healthy Lifestyle

Objective 2 – Developing Resilience Through Practising Yoga

Objective 3 – To Understand Gratitude and how to Practice it

Objective 4 – To Understand that Connecting the Breath can
Make you Feel Good and Support Good Health

Objective 5 – To Feel and Enjoy how our Bodies Move

Objective 6 – To Take Good Care of Ourselves

Unit Description

This unit is all about embracing the individual child, allowing them to value themselves and develop their self-esteem and confidence to be them!


We practise Yoga poses that help to build resilience, trying new and challenging poses. We stress the importance of gratitude, being grateful for who we are, what we have and the world we live in. We practise several Yoga flows with the children, such as the Sun Salutation and link this to the objectives throughout.


We play some fun games with the children, such as Concentrating Corners and Resilience Brain Gym, where the children build their resilience skills by practising new and challenging poses. We demonstrate a number of breathing activities, such as ‘I Can do This’ Breath, where the children are provided with a simple mantra, plus a breathing activity, for them to use in their everyday lives to build confidence and self-esteem.

We finish each session with a relaxation, such as the Body Scan Relaxation which focuses the children’s attentions on their own bodies, developing their mindful brains and their ability to connect with their bodies.

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