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Year 1 Unit
- Pirates and Mermaids at Sea!

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 - Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness
Objective 2 - Noticing how our Bodies Feel
Objective 3 - To Develop our Imaginary Play Skills through Yoga

Objective 4 - To Practise a Simple Balance
Objective 5 - To Practise Becoming Still
Objective 6 - To Feel Good about Being You!


Unit Description

A fun and engaging introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness for Y1s. For children who have practised the Reception Unit, this unit builds upon the skills they have learnt and revisits key learning activities such as the Sun Salutation.


The children are really immersed in the theme of ‘Mermaids and Pirates at Sea’ as they adventure under the sea, find different sea creatures and escape the sharks!  On a pirate adventure, they sail on a pirate boat, walk the plank and enjoy fun pirate chores whilst learning some key yoga poses linked to this theme.  

A breathing activity helps bring calm and focus in a fun way and we talk about the importance of caring for themselves and feeling good about being them, even practising a self-cuddle! Each session ends with an under the sea relaxation - looking for sea creatures and enjoying the tranquil feeling of the ocean.

Unit 1
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