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Reception Unit
- Our Wonderful World Around Us!

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 - Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness
Objective 2 - Talking with your Hands
Objective 3 - To Explore Yoga Through Animal Poses
Objective 4 - To Develop our Imaginary Play Skills through Yoga
Objective 5 - To Practise Becoming Still
Objective 6 - Waking up the Senses - see, hear and touch


Unit Description

The reception unit is a fun and engaging introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness for the children as they begin by exploring what Yoga and Mindfulness is and practise some simple poses through stories and games. They start to learn what it means to practise a Yoga pose through moving in and out of some fun animal poses - getting to explore through the jungle looking for animals, as well as enjoying the woodland where they find hibernating animals.

The children become adventure fairies in the woodland and during a trek through the jungle as we sing along and practise the actions to one of our favourite songs! Through fun games and activities, we invite the children to practise becoming still, just for a few moments, balancing out the sessions with plenty of movement and energetic activities.

The children will begin to use the breath in different ways, exploring how this feels for them and providing them with tools which they can use outside of the Yoga classes. We invite the children to think about their different senses, to become more aware of their environment and their bodies - all whilst having plenty of fun!

Every session ends with a short, guided relaxation all about a butterfly who visits the class to help the children to relax together, this relaxation is specifically designed for this age group.

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