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Year 2 Unit
- I am Super!

Unit Objectives

Objective 1 - Introduction to Yoga & Mindfulness
Objective 2 - To be Strong like a Hero!
Objective 3 - To Practise Balancing for Focus
Objective 4 - To Notice Slow Movements in Yoga
Objective 5 - To Feel Brave through Practising Yoga
Objective 6 - To Develop Strength in our Minds and Bodies


Unit Description

This unit focuses on developing children’s strength and confidence when practising Yoga and Mindfulness. We use the theme of superheroes throughout and invite the children to practise a variety of superhero poses in fun and active games and activities.

The children begin to use their focus and strength and work on some balancing poses, just like a flying superhero and, whilst doing so, we invite them to practise some key skills needed for balancing.


The children go on a hero hunt, looking for the many superheroes around them and firing kindness arrows towards any villains to encourage them to be kind! The children also go on an adventure in the Power Elements Story and develop their bravery skills throughout.

We demonstrate a fantastic breathing activity called Laser Eyes Breath where they can use their strength and imagination to bring about a feeling of calm and peace. We finish each session with a guided relaxation around superpowers, inviting the children to consider which superpowers they have and which superhero they are going to be today!

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