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CPD in Yoga & Mindfulness - right here!

Ahoy! We are onboard and taking bookings for our short Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools Training Course, useful for INSET days and CPD!

This great idea came from one of our first online client school's requests - and another way to fill our diaries with 'paid for' work after such a while of not earning anything (!). This is not a cry for help, but simply a sign of the times and yes we've been ok as we have husbands who have kept their jobs, but it hasn't been easy let's just say that! Things feel a little more stable now and let's hope this continues into the Autumn (many people in a similar shaped boat as well).

Our offerings...

The session is usually 1.5-2 hours long but we can customise to needs - to secure your slot or request a quote (training via Zoom or face to face), please let us know. From £250+ travel from Sheffield, UK. Your staff will...

  • learn the benefits of Yoga for children as part of the curriculum (all the science bits that educators like!)

  • understand how to get the best out of your Yoga classes and our platform and resources

  • experience your very own children's Yoga lesson

  • enjoy a Yoga session with relaxation for the grown ups!!!

  • all interjected with Mindful Moments (Yoga in the Classroom short activities)

  • Q&A - support queries

  • get a lovely handout of breathing techniques

If you've never practised Yoga before then the adult session is to give you a taste of what Yoga can do for you in just 20-30 mins. It truly is magical. It's a good way to start the new academic year, so let us know if you'd like to go ahead :)

Gratitude has the highest correlation with well-being than any other characteristic. It increases children's ability to learn, lifts their mood, gives them good energy and makes them feel more connected with others...

Our happiness (and ability to grow and learn) is increased through feeling of kindness and gratitude, as well as chemicals being released into the body from special, meaningful experiences. We'll show you how to bring these feelings about in your Yoga lesson.

That's it, we can't wait to set out on yet again a new adventure with this...!


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