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True Yoga in Schools UK

£135-195 (inc. vat) p/a 

Shaping Healthy Minds Online
- the only Yoga & Mindfulness package your school needs!

We all know that practising Yoga & Mindfulness significantly improves mental health and well-being.  Now, more than ever, the children in your school need the support Shaping Healthy Minds Online can provide.

Our easy-to-use, online package enables your school to instantly practise and implement 'True Yoga'Carefully and expertly designed by our team of Primary School Teachers and Yoga Instructors, dedicated to bringing the benefits of Yoga to all children. 

1000s of Teachers are already practising with us! All Teachers asked, said they'd highly recommend our platform! Enjoy FREE ACCESS (no obligation to buy!).

‘True Yoga’

We teach the core principles of Yoga & Mindfulness:

* respect for the self and others

* exercise 

* healthy breathing

* focus and concentration.  

We do not just teach the poses!


'True Yoga’  encompasses it all :)

‘During lockdown… Older children have lost physical fitness as well as reading and writing skills, and some are showing signs of mental distress, which can be seen in an increase in eating disorders and self-harm.’ 

Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, Amanda Spielman

The Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units are excellent!  I love them and so does my Year 2 class - especially the games and relaxations!

Lauren Priest, Tangmere Primary School, Year 2 Teacher.

Complements and works well alongside other
PE platforms

If you already have Yoga as part of a PE platform, here’s why you need Shaping Healthy Minds Online as well!

  • We teach all aspects of Yoga - True Yoga! Making a shape with the body (a pose) is just a fraction of what Yoga is all about!

  • All objectives are carefully planned around the core principles of Yoga and each links perfectly to the new P.S.H.E Primary Curriculum.

  • Our team is led by experienced (currently practising) Primary School Teachers and Yoga Instructors. We know what works well for schools and children right now, especially as we come out of the Covid-19 lockdowns.

  • Our carefully created videos do all of the teaching for you! Teachers can easily deliver our Yoga lessons without any experience of Yoga.

A fresh start

Unique learning opportunities 


Enhancing the well-being
and health of your children

Yoga Units Overview.png

Units Overview 

Take a look at the variety and uniqueness of our lessons (FS2 - Y6). We think you'll love our activities!

We offer children a deeper learning journey of ‘True Yoga’, unwrapping the ‘true’ benefits of Yoga & Mindfulness:

  • Guiding and teaching the whole experience of Yoga, going beyond the learning of the poses.

  • Developing lifelong skills. Gently changing the mindsets of children towards greater compassion, self-love, kindness and resilience.

  • Creating fun experiences that are unique and engaging. Children love our Yoga lessons!

Shaping Healthy Minds Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Package:

  • Online Yoga & Mindfulness Units of Work (all primary year groups) ​

    • Six lessons per year group, video led activities​

  • Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom / Yoga at Your Desk

  • Regular Online Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions for Teachers 

  • Kids Love Yoga Online - FREE access for the families of your school (usually £9.95)

  • Our ‘Sleep Easy’ Pack for Parents

School Size - Annual Fee (inc. vat)


<1 and 1 form entry -  £135 p/a

1.5 and 2 form entry - £170 p/a

2.5 and 3+ form entry - £195 p/a

We have started using the sessions and they are going down very well with both children and staff.

Samantha Cooney, PE Lead, Oldfield Brow Primary School

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