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Yoga Buddy Referral Programme

Have you been invited to join a Kids Love Yoga club for FREE?!!!


Yes?! Wow - your amazing Yogi friend has invited you or your child to join them at yoga club at school - lucky you!!! Let’s first check that you can claim your free yoga class!

Free Class Checklist for Yoga Buddies

You need to answer yes to all the questions below for you to claim your free yoga class:

  1. Have you been given a Kids Love Yoga ‘Yoga Buddy’ card by a Yogi who currently attends a Kids Love Yoga club at school?

  2. Do you attend the same school as your Yogi friend?

  3. Are you in the right year group for the yoga club that your Yogi friend already goes to? You can check by visiting the booking details for the club at your school here: Simply click on your school name and then scroll down to find the age group stated for your Yogi friend’s club.

  4. Are you available at the time the club runs? Again you can check the day and time of the club by visiting the booking details page for your school (as above).

  5. Are you all set and ready to have lots of fun at yoga club?!

If there is a question above where you have answered no but you still have further queries about this promotion, then please email: and we can help out where possible :)


If you have answered yes to all the above then you are well on your way to joining your Yogi friend at yoga club, whoopee! Simply complete the form below (you will need the Yoga Buddy card to do this).

Free Yoga Class Request

If you enter your details below, we will email you shortly with the next possible free class to attend. Please note that if the club gets busy, this might not be straight away, and there could be a waiting list for free class requests.

How does your Yogi Friend get their Free Class?

If you enjoy your free class with us, and then decide to book on to the next full block of sessions running at your school (half or full term), your Yogi friend will get one free class when they book onto this same next block (a refund will be issued to them for one free class). Your Yogi friend’s parent will need to email: to claim their refund with us once you have both booked on.


Click here for full terms & conditions.

Free Yoga Class Request Form

Thanks for submitting, we will be in touch shortly!

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