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10 days 20% off - request an invoice or quote

Ok... this is my last plug for (our very generous I hasten to add!) introduction price of our Online Yoga Platform... I still can't believe that Jo and I managed to plan, create and develop all of this in the last year, whilst home schooling five children between us, completing training courses and also staying sane (the benefits of Yoga right there!) in the pursuit of getting more kids into Yoga through schools.

Unit Overview and Objectives
Download PDF • 603KB

We have extended this offer a few times on request, but trust me, and us, this is the last time - unless we have a flash sale at some point :) You can download our Units Overview & Objectives pdf right here as well, something that we both feel incredibly proud of - in bringing this to life for hundreds of schools over the course of Covid lockdowns.

With the number of kids doing Yoga with us reaching 30,000 (a guess but a fairly accurate one!), we can see why some of our community schools think that we're a bigger team than just two yogi mums in Sheffield!

If you've been meaning to order and the end of term has been tightly packed with all sorts of things like isolation and Covid issues (a little like us!)... no problem! You can still get 20% off our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package if you order before the end of July 2021 (to start in Sept 2021). Just click below, as simple as that!

All the PE Leads out there breathe... (we do a lot of this in Yoga, it's highly recommended!)

*Prices with the 20% discount...

<1-1 form entry - £108

1.5-2 form entry - £136

2.5-3+ form entry - £156

*T&Cs apply, price is for one year starting in Sept 21.

Just look what two of us (Jo & me) built in 1 year... so much fun!

160+ Yoga & Mindfulness activities with 100s of videos to support teachers (and yes we planned, rehearsed, filmed, edited and built the platform too!):

  • 80+ Fun Yoga Games

  • Teaching 100s of Poses

  • 6-8 Weeks of Yoga PE Curriculum

  • Guided Relaxations

  • Guided Breathing Activities

  • A Yoga Platform for families of 8 full length yoga videos

  • Sleep Easy Pack for Parents

  • Pack of Yoga Based Classroom videos and wall displays

  • A stack of Video User Guides (also as pdfs!)

  • Designed a CPD Children's Yoga Training Session for Client Schools

  • Yoga for Teachers! (actually this hasn't started yet but coming soon in the Autumn)

And if you've not had a chance to see some taster clips from our Units yet (this is where I cringe when Jo makes me say 'Baking Hot tsssss' in the Desert Reflection below) - here they are!

And that's me (Summer) signing off as it's boiling hot this evening (heat wave at the end of term!) and I need a shower... I enjoyed a hot Yoga practise earlier as well (not Hot Yoga, just hot weather!).

I hope everyone's last day tomorrow (Weds) is a good one and bring on the summer holidays - yey! My two finished last Friday so I'm already in the heat (so to speak!) of the holidays.

And my amazing news of today is that my job teaching Curriculum Yoga every week in a local school will return in Sept, so things are certainly looking up this end!

Much love from Summer & Jo (Founders and ladies on a mission!) xxx


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