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Support from Yoga in School Specialists

I have to say I'm enjoying writing our new blog and hoping that it's not just the honeymoon period for me...!

...but helping UK primary schools out with online yoga resources, advice, tips and training to enable the delivery of Yoga & Mindfulness in schools, as far and wide as we can go - is something that absolutely drives, and drives me.

So here's our plan for now - every half term we'll send out a 'newsletter' to all our account holding schools, which will be a compilation of all blog posts during the half term.... and in these blog posts we'll be covering (all completely for free):

  • Tips for Teachers

  • Yoga Practise of the week (video clip)

  • Classroom Based Yoga Clips

  • Stories from schools and instructors

  • How to Teach...

  • Events (including World Record attempt!)

  • Video diaries (if I can sum up the courage to start some Vlogs!)

  • FAQs

Please comment below on any other ideas that you would like help with and we'll see what we can do!

Quick blog post done! Hopefully this covers what you need to know for now :)

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