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Who Wants to Break a World Record in Yoga with us?!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

This is your school's invitation to join us for a mass online participation attempt to break a world record for the most children to practise yoga together (online)!

All primary schools are welcome to register and we’re supporting schools with free weekly yoga clips to help prepare your children with a handful of Yoga poses for the main event. Any child in any primary school anywhere can take part, it’s an inclusive practise.

Please join us - see my video plea below to register now!

If your school wants to take part, your pupils will have the chance to create and enter their very own Yoga pose, with the winning pose being practised during our 10 minute attempt at the start of the school day. Plus your school will be listed as taking part and receive a certificate. Register now to join us in this exciting online Yoga lesson (and receive free Yoga!) by emailing:

The date and time this autumn are yet to be confirmed - all information will be sent out in September 2021 and also published here on our blog.

There will also be opportunities for schools to access Shaping Healthy Minds Online Services completely for free for a whole year (more on this later).

Hot off the press!

We're thrilled this week that our record breaking event was featured in QA Education Magazine (we're on page 19!). It's makes us happy bunnies and definitely helps stoke the fire we have inside of us to get more kids into Yoga through this event.

Let's hope our devotion to Yoga ensures that we get enough kids involved! Arghhh! Exciting but scary!

Contact us on with any queries or support!


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