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Here's to Yoga & Mindfulness in 2022 for our School Community!

First of all thank you so much to the schools who've joined our Online Yoga & Mindfulness Community Wide Package since its launch :)

If you are part of this community of schools teaching 'True Yoga', we applaud you in taking these valuable steps towards improving health and well-being for primary aged children - following a curriculum of objectives that link into the PSHE Primary Curriculum. These lessons will come in handy for Year 6s in the run up to the SATs.

All objectives are carefully planned around the core principles of Yoga and each links perfectly to the P.S.H.E Primary Curriculum.

Year 6 Objectives - great for the run up to the SATs!

Not only has this online venture of ours spread the joys of Online Yoga & Mindfulness to nearly 30 schools across the UK, it has also supported Jo and I through the lockdowns. So we're feeling pleased to have journeyed through these times - to this point, and actually made this dream a reality.

Now that our physical Yoga lessons are coming back into action, life has speeded up somewhat for us and it's all systems go go go!!!

Good luck everyone with the joy and hectic times of the festive season! Maybe practise some peaceful breathing activities with the children at some point from our Mindful Moments!

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